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The Artist and Her Story

Cutout Shapes

Rhonda Willingham is the creative hand behind the Sista Girl card collection.
She says:

“I am driven by what I don’t see when I go a card shop.”  

The Journey began in 1995 Sista Girl Cards began as fabric appliques stitched onto t-shirts. In early 2000 during research for a Master’s Thesis on African American woman in Corporate America. Extreme cooperation from the woman solicited in her research warranted a special expression of gratitude.

“Although I did not know any of these powerful women personally, they made me feel as if we shared a bond…I applauded them in their professional success and they cheered me on in my research…."

We were bonded as Sista’s! This kind of support warranted a special expression of gratitude. It was during this time Willingham discovered the limited verities of greeting cards for African American Women, this reignited some creative flames for Willingham. She states, "It was then that I vowed to create what I did not find on the shelf.”  


In 2004 Sista Girl Greeting Cards blossomed into a business and Willingham’s’ entrepreneurial journey began; Culturally Yours Inc was born.

Her trademark attractions being; cards that are handcrafted, blank inside and always suitable for framing. Some of the 3-dimensional embellishments are GM car interior materials. Sista Girl cards have expanded from the US to the UK. They have been gifted to celebrity Sista’s such as Oprah, Vivica A. Fox and Ericika Alexander to name a few. She has even designed a specialty card for Sista’s in the armed forces, and donated many cards to Sista’s serving across the world.

It is my goal to create cards that provide a special reaction every time an envelope is opened and a Sista Girl Card is revealed. It is a blessing to create what is not easily found in stores. Sista Girl Cards fill a void.

The diversity of our society has afforded Sista Girl Cards to be purchased and enjoyed by all who seek the unique!!


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